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Profil de l´entreprise

Entreprise :PDC-CRO
Ville :Dubai
Pays :
Émirats arabes unis
Secteur d´activité :
Industrie pharmaceutique
Recherche et développement
Santé, pharmacie, hôpitaux, équipements médicaux
Site Internet :

Description de l'entreprise

PDC is a regional contract research organization, founded in 2011 and offering a Full-Service End-to-End innovative Solutions for your Phase I to IV clinical trials and NIS /RWE studies in the Middle East and Africa region. PDC-CRO offers direct access to 15+ MEA countries, in line with global standards and local cultures and regulations. Our international experience, as well as our proven track record of successful trials since 2011 assures our clients that PDC-CRO is their reliable partner for the MEA region. Our partners are comprised of an elite portfolio of clients including pharmaceutical corporations, biotechnology corporations, medical devices companies, global CROs, and academic institutions. Our team consists of 100+ employees experienced in managing clinical projects from start-up to completion with a pool of expertise. PDC is currently recognized among the leaders of Clinical Research Organizations in the region.